Lidded bowl by John Temple

Oak bowl wth leather shoe lace by

                   Mark Holloway

Bud vases by Martin Tilbury

Goblets by John Temple

' Bowl by Richard Shock.

Lidded bowl by John Temple

Candle holders by John Temple

Tulip Bowl by Richard Shock

Sweet chestnut platter by
         Richard Shock

Sycamore bud vase

with colour and

pyrography by

joanne gordon


Set of box,s by Richard Shock

Hollow Form in field maple by

          Joanne Gordon

Horsechestnut platter by Richard Shock

Baby's rattle in ash by John Wilson

Boxwood Broches by John Wilson

Sycamore Bowl  in blue with pyrography.

                by Joanne Gordon

Ash bowl with fabric rim by John Wilson

A Bubinga box by Joanne Gordon

Table Lamp in Ash by John Wilson

Plywood turning by

Tony Halcrow

Table lamp in sycamore by Tony Seeney

Tea light holder in beech by Tony Seeney

Latice Bowl by

John Wilson

Lazy susan by Fred Hill

Plywood turning by Tony Halcrow

Plate of Apples in various woods by Tony Seeney

Oak Box by

Joanne Gordon

zip vase by

Martin Tilbury

colection of spalted Beech box's

by Fred Hill

some of the monthly competition pieces

Storage jar by Martin Tilbury

     Hat by
Kath Luker

Pepper mill by Dave Butler

Elm pot by Richard Shock
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