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September 8, 2016

At this meeting we had our very own extremely talented

Tony Halcrow. the theme of the night was guess what i am making

this turned out to be a kangaroo see below 

the competition was won by the following people 

advanced 1st John Wilson 2nd Charlie Jones 3rd Tony Halcrow


August 14, 2016

the demonstrator this month was Mark Hancock 

his demo piece was what he calls a rocking hollow form which

consisted of a hollow shape with a long tail so that it will not stand up

this months project of a pepper mill was won by

advanced joint 1st/Charlie Jones and Tony Se...

July 14, 2016

this was a hands on meeting giving those that came 

a chance to talk to other members and pass on skills and tips

 the monthly project was the chairman's challenge not round and brown

beguinners 1st Harry Prothero 2nd Garry Willoughby 3rd Clive Bryant

intermediate 1stAlan...

June 9, 2016

At the June meeting we had a fiery demo by Steve Heeley

he made a colored and textured vase using wet wood which 

he set fire to so that it dried out quickly 

this months winners were

beginers 1st  Clive Bryant 2nd Andy Cranidge 3rd Kath Luker

intermediate 1st Dave Butler


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